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Suhana Khan is Ready To Give Healthy Competition To Ananya Panday

Suhana khan is the daughter of king shah rukh khan and Gauri khan. Ananya Panday’s reveal about her best friend Suhana khan, She is very confident about her debut.

Actress Ananya Panday opened her mouth by saying Suhana khan is my best friend and she is going to debut in the the Bollywood very soon and that would not increase the competition. She is ready to welcome newcomers “Suhana Khan”. Also she said this would be healthy competition.

Suhana's Archies

Suhana Khan’s Debut

Suhana khan is going to debut in the Bollywood by the film of Zoya Akhtar’s The Archies which is going to premiere over Netflix on 24th November. After being a daughter of king khan of the Bollywood, superstar of the Hindi film industry none other than Shahrukh khan and Gauri khan, we won’t seen any kind of glamorous entry of Suhana khan in the Bollywood.

Ananya Panday said over Suhana khan’s Debut

Ananya Panday admited while talking with News18 that Suhana khan is very confident about her debut. She won’t feel nervous she looks as confident as her dad is. She also added she is very good at what she love to do and film making is her passion. After seeing her excitement I also got excited to see her in her upcoming film “The Archies“. After release of Archies teaser, everyone loving her and getting good response.

Ananya on increase in the competition

Ananya Said after successful debut of Suhana khan, Obvious competition will increase in the industry for newcomers but I won’t feel insecure. I always been competitve and love to face new challenge in my life. And she is not giving competition anymore. she is good at her work. She always inspire me by doing good work. I also would like to add one more thing into my conversation if any newcomers comes in the industry with new talent , there is good work and health competition is there for better learning point of view.

Welcome to the world of Archies | Netflix | Suhana khan | Watch video

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