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SDM Jyoti Maurya impact on khan sir class

SDM Jyoti Maurya:

SDM from Bareilly, Jyoti Maurya trending on social media and her story getting viral over the internet. Some of the videos related to her are quite popular on social media. After he lounges the case against his husband. we are watching her impact on our society too.

Khan sir from Patna is a very popular face in our country. He has expertise in the segment of general science and general knowledge. During covid time he started teaching online and after some time his videos got noticed over social media. Some of his videos got viral. People like the way he expresses the topic. His teaching style is quite unique. He has the ability to teach any topic in a story format which is my student love for his teaching style.

Live class interaction

Maurya Story is that much popular on social media, where students also making gossip in their classes. Khan sir, the live interaction class video also got viral where he discussed her story in the classroom.

What Khan sir told about SDM Jyoti Maurya?

In a Live Class when khan sir interacts with his student, as Khan sir sometimes speak anything funny to make his class interactive. When students were southing, on that node he told the story of Maurya, If you the student will not study properly then make sure your wife is also going to have a relationship with another and will fly away. So, Study properly, And make sure you going to work hard and study hard.

93 female married students, not coming to classes

Khan sir was also seen talking about these students as of now they are not coming to classes just because of Maurya’s story’s impact on their husbands. He tried to convenience them and also try to make them understand that not everyone is like Jyoti Maurya. Why are you pushing these students? But anyhow they didn’t listen to Khan sir and they have taken their wife back to their home. our heading is suggested by these incidents. Hope you will not do the same with your wife for sure.

Twitter Trend – Jyoti Maurya’s story

As mentioned Jyoti Maurya’s story is trending everywhere on social media whether you are watching on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. One of the users on Twitter twisted about Jyoti Maurya’s story. Let’s have that tweet –

Now after this tweet people went crazy and they are giving their own reactions to this tweet. Let us Do something good for society and be faithful to your relationship. And make sure your wife and husband won’t do anything like Jyoti Maurya.

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