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Sanjay Mishra’s “Giddh” wins Asia International Competition & Qualifies for Oscar

Sanjay Mishra is one of the peculiar actor of the Bollywood. Recently we have seen him on OTT platform in the film “Vadh” with actress Neena Gupta. In 2023 Sanjay Mishra’s “Giddh -The Scavenger” wins Asia International competition and also fixed his place in the Oscar in the segment of short movie. Apart from this, he also wins many other foreign film festivals. Sanjay Mishra is very happy to see own achievement.

Story of Giddh : The Scavenger

Sanjay Mishra's "Giddh" wins Asia International Competition & Qualifies for Oscar
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This is the story of an old man who compelled to choose an unlucky means of earning a morsel, By doing such he fulfilled his hunger but very soon his guilt catches up to create a suspense. In this movie you will see the real struggle of an old man who fight with own emotions and feelings, while watching this short film “Giddh“, you will realise how old man deals with the situation.

About Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra
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Sanjay Mishra is the actor who known for his best performance. he used to fit in every character. As Aamir khan is know for his best performance and best level of acting, He also lies in that segment of acting.

Sanjay Mishra did not lose courage even when he was struggling hard at the beginning of his career. Today he is one of the best actor of the Bollywood. He placed himself as top level of actor in the cinema industry. Today not only the India but out of the country he is making his name and fame. After winning of Asia international competition as a best lead actor in the film. Now his film nominee for Oscar, and now he is the man who representing India at International film Industries.

Sanjay Mishra said after successful of film “Giddh”

After successful of his film “Giddh”, He spoken to the media. he told, his film recognised at the global level and due to this recognition I am very happy. Giddh is collecting love and attention from from the public and he is enjoying the moment of success.

Sanjay Mishra's "Giddh" wins Asia International Competition & Qualifies for Oscar
image Source : Movies Talkies

This is the journey of my life will never forget. he also told about the journey of making this film, talked about the crew member of the film and their experience. He also played every single scene with full of dedication and emotion. He and his team mate were working for long hour to suit the small small scene. Now result is in front of you. Now films getting response and we are very satisfied to see such achievement.

‘Giddh’ is directed by National Award winning director Manish Saini. and writers of the film are Manish Saini and Ashok Sankhla.

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