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Sandeep bhaiya : Journey From bicycle to Nili Batti

Sandeep Bhaiya character is almost everyone know from TVF web series. Sandeep Bhaiya character got popular a lots in the web series called “Aspirants“. Sandeep Bhaiya is new web series on TVF released on 30th June.

TvF new web series “Sandeep Bhaiya” Directed by Parijat Joshi and sponsored by Unacademy. TVF and Unacademy working together for better society by using story telling. Here you will see two side of the story in the web series “Sandeep Bhaiya”. At one side he is working as IAS officer and another side he is aspirant. In this series TVF more focused on exploring aspirant life.

Sandeep bhaiya : Journey From bicycle to Nili Batti
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Cast for Sandeep Bhaiya

Abhinav Anand as Yogesh, Deepali Gautam as Aarushi Valmiki, Rajendra Gupta as Sandeep’s Father, Sunny Hinduja as Sandeep Ohlan, Punit Tiwari as Prince Mishra.


Fans of TVF loving the new web series ” Sandeep Bhaiya”. Once you are Aspirant you can connect your dots in your way. And if you are professional you can remember your journey of aspirant.

All the scene and direction of web series well defined and tuned for the audience. TVF’s hard work clearly resemble in all episode of “Sandeep bhaiya”

Rating – 4.5/5

Here you can understand the how strong character of Sandeep in aspirant (TVF Original)

Journey of Sandeep Bhaiya | Story line

Episode 01 | Mulyankan

Sandeep Bhaiya’s first episode start in rampur where you will see, How Sandeep bhaiya dealing with contractor for shake of labour act, Labour working in the factory getting online payment and payment not reading to the labour acounts. He sealed the factory and deal with contractor.

On another side of the story you will see how aspirant life of Sandeep bhaiya revolved around the street of prayagraj where he is almost failed in his life. and he have the addiction of cigarette and alcohol. But after all bad habit his mind is all about UPSC and he have excelent knowledge on the subject.

This episode called as “Mulyankan” which means evaluation, Sandeep bhaiya use to evaluate the answer sheet of aspirant. There was time when he met with a girl on tea stall, who is very intelligent in her study and initially she don’t want to go for preparation of UPSC but after he convince her by looking to his answer sheet, she given her answer sheet to Sandeep bhaiya for evaluation. Sandeep bhaiya given zero marks on his answer sheet because of not understanding question properly. She written answer very uniform way and in best manner of writing. he make her clarification you should go for preparation. She joined and start studying.

On daily life routine she was running tiffin service in her area “Prayagraj” and almost every time she got revolve around the UPSC aspirant. She use to keep open ear and eyes to collect the information which helped her in preparation.

She use to provide Sandeep bhaiya free meal on every answer evaluation. Sandeep is living in a single room with room mate who is also aspirant.

Sandeep Bhaiya deep conversation with his father.When Sandeep ignoring call of his father and his roommate was honest towards Sandeep’s family. His roommate recharge his phone to have conversation with father. This kind of faith of his roommate towards Sandeep.

Episode end with sandeep bhaiya scene where he was waiting to meet authority of coaching centre and on the moment he saw news in the television that government increase the two chance for UPSC aspirant.

Episode 02 | Decision Making

Episode 2 “Decision Making” start with coaching centre where Sandeep went as chief guest and the girl Aarushi Valmiki as a speaker. Aarushi is the girl whom Sandeep bhaiya guiding her in study.

As this web series is sponsored by Unacademy the coaching centre shown in the web series is none other than Unacademy. Saneep bhaiya seating on the first row of conference hall and Aarushi speaking about the her journey.

She given her thought over the UPSC huge syllabus and current affairs. Apart from syllabus , Aspirant also have new city where he/she have to survive. here she encounter a lot of things in aspirant life. But on other side she also shown the good part of well preparation. She encourage all the aspirant seating in the conference hall.

Sandeep bhaiya was very confident about her she will became IAS officer for sure. He did admitted in coaching centre where he went to meet him. There was a time when in coaching centre she was insulted because she asked and argued with teacher on the topic of environment. As we know her answer sheet was evaluated by sandeep, and that was a reason he asked to the faculty and got disappointed when teacher said this is demo class we will not elaborate much in demo class, first go and give fee to the counter Because free demo class got over.

Here in this episode you will see sandeep bhaiya and Aarushi both of them filled the application form for UPSC on another hand of the story.

Episode 03 | Coming on 7 July

All Episode will going to stream on Youtube, I am mentioning the link you can follow and watch your favourite TVF web series “Sandeep bhaiya”

Link to Watch –

Ep-01 – link

Ep-02- link

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