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List of web series based on real life

Here you can enjoy the top notch web series in India, the series based on the real stories. we have a long List of web series based on real life. keep connecting dots of real stories.

As we know, today is modern day we equipped with laptop, smart phone and Internet connectivities. And due to wide connectivities of Internet, OTT (Over The Top) formed and we started loving stories telling the way we use to see in the web series. Today we will share with you “list of web series based on real life”.

you may have seen some of the web series in our list but I promise you you will never regret while watching all these web series what we have mentioned in our bucket list.

Here are the list of web series based on real life that you will enjoy while watching :

The Forgotten Army – Azaadi Ke Liye

List of web series based on real life

The forgotten Army is the story of Indian soldiers. This story belongs to true incident happened in the past when Indian army marching towards the capital with the war Cry “Challo Dili” in order to free India from colonial period. During the time Subhash Chandra Bosh led the Indian National Army ( INA ). The army was formed through the Indian troops, who defected to the Imperial Japanese Army , the first women’s infantry regiment since the Russian troops of 1917–1918 existed during World War II.

Streaming on Prime Video

Avrodh: The Siege Within

List of web series based on real life

While watching Avrodh – The Siege Within, You will realise and for the some moment you will remember few scene from the film surgical strike, that was also super duper hit movie. Here You will recall the moment where you will experience war thrilled and Uri surgical strike.

Streaming on SonyLiv


List of web series based on real life

If you have heard and taken interest in the life of gangster, you must watch Rangbaaz. if you have ever gone in the northern side of the India like Bihar, UP. There is common word “Rangbaaz” is so popular in the youngster. Here in this series there is real story of gangster called “shri Prakash Shukla” who is ruthless gangster from Gorakhpur, UP.

Man rises from the DDU to top most wanted criminal of the UP, India. Two additional individuals from the life of Shree Prakash (former MP from Mokama, Bihar) include Ram Shankar Tiwari, who was influenced by Hari Shankar Tiwari, and Chandra Bhan Singh, who was motivated by Suraj Bhan Singh.

Streaming on ZEE5

Jamtara – Saba Number Aayenga

List of web series based on real life

Jamtara web series is so much popular in the youngsters, The story starts in the village where group of small-town young guys who run a lucrative Phishing operation from smart phone or by using the internet. This kind of lucrative phishing operation organised by politician. The story continues with two brother’s life and her girl friend. Watch full series to have more entertainment. Jamtara is a city and a notified area in the Jamtara Sadar subdivision of the Jamtara district in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It means Jamtara is real place.

Streaming on Netflix

Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story

List of web series based on real life

A former fraudster who worked as an Indian stockbroker, Harshad Mehta. Mehta gained notoriety as a market manipulator as a result of his role in the 1992 Indian securities scandal. Here You will see the real story of Harshad Mehta and his brother. How he turned the stock market club. As he had dream from the child to become rich. He graduated from the college and afterwards he looked for job but as he understood the nature of job. he had to become rich and by doing 9 to 5 job he couldn’t. So he join the stock market firm . After his royal and worst story begins.

Streaming on SonyLiv

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