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Know Everything about Instagram Threads

As we know meta is the tool notch company in the world for their user database. Meta introduces “Threads – A new way to share with text”. This is well known as rival of twitter. A time ago where twitter undergoes with many changes in twitter, here meta introduces threads in 100 countries in the world. here know everything about Instagram threads.

Instagram Threads Downloads Records

Popular companies meta who have large user base that gained from Instagram, Facebook and so on. Now couples of day before introduces “Threads” that giving much more completion to twitter. If you want to know how big companies meta is then you can estimate by its download records. In only 7 hours, Threads downloaded by users is quite high that is 10 millions and broken many records in the era of social media app.

Know Everything about Instagram Threads
Meta’s Threads app and Twitter logos are seen in this illustration taken July 4, 2023. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

Tech giant company “Meta” introduces “Threads” a big rival of popular social sharing company called “twitter”. Threads app based on Instagram account’s system. The app allow user to share text including short video attachment or you may attach images or link to support your post in threads. You can share text updates, post links, reply or report messages, and join public conversations using threads.

Words Given By CEO of Meta – Zuckerberg

He mentioned in his speech during the launch of thread, as Instagram is one of the successful business made by meta where user can post videos, images. Now by using threads yo can connect with your friends, family and more. Threads create another giant space for users and creators to share your thoughts by using text, link, image. As meta confirms you can share 500 words count limit. Threads created positive and creative space to express your ideas while joining public conversation.

Like Instagram, People can follow and connect with friends, families and creators, including the people they follow on Instagram. Threads was launched in more than 100 countries for iOS and Android users

Best About Threads

We do understand about the customer base of the Meta or Facebook, they introduces thread just by keeping in mind about the user experience. as before we have the option to link our Instagram account with Facebook account. Similarly threads enable user to connect your account with Instagram. As we have the option to import our profile pic, profile information, followers and many more. Such good things about thread to connect our followers without losing our followers we can shift to threads

Tweet of Elon Musk – He threatened Mark zukerberg about realising Thread against twitter.

Threads available on device

As we have large number of devices, operating system. We can download threads in iOS, android too. Threads is compatible with iOS and android.

Threads introduces when twitter is on his decline side

The app comes when twitter was struggling with his business in terms of revenue generated last year. Last month, media reports stated that Twitter’s US advertising revenue in April plunged 59 per cent only from a year earlier, despite of Musk’s claims that its business was “upswing”.

Elon Musk also said that he hired Linda Yaccarino, a NBCUniversal executive, as chief executive officer of Twitter to try his best to “improve relationships with brands”.

In recent days, twitter fire a lots of employee from twitter to boost his revenue, this is fact that when company will be in loss employee will be lay off. Elon Musk also trying his best to uplift the twitter but as for now the scene is changed now another challenge came for musk to compete with “Threads”.

How You Can Access Thread App

Meta kept everything very simple and user-friendly for user to use threads. User just need to click on Instagram and in few click they can mange their account on threads. They even not need to upload anything over therein support of creating account. They have best ever feature of import. Threads enable user to import profile photo, description, tag line followers. This is very good option for user to establish their account by linking one profile from other.

How To Use Threads app – Meta’s New app

  1. Download app from Play store or App Store.
  2. Use your Instagram id for login
  3. The Instagram user named and profile pic will be carried from Instagram, where you will customise the profile.
  4. People who are below 16 ( or under 18 in some countries) , their account will auto go in private when they join threads.
  5. You can now choose the same people who have followed on Instagram and find more people according to your wish of use.
  6. You can share text message including link, image and short video of Length few minutes or sec.
  7. Accessibility features also available on Instagram like screen reader support and AI-generated image descriptions, are also have features on Threads.

Can I delete My Threads Account

No, A big No. You can not delete your thread account, if you wish to delete the account you also need to your Instagram account. You have the option for deactivate, By deactivate you can hide your account temporally.

If you agin wish to restart your thread account, just you need to logging back.

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