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Agniveer Ishita Shukla, Ravi Kishan’s daughter join Indian Army

Bhojpuri Actor and MP, Ravi Kishan is on trending on social media because of 21 year daughter Ishita Shukla, She joined Indian defence called “Agniveer“. Ravi Kishan is also one of the top leading actor in the bhojpuri industry. Ravi Kishan has expressed happiness over his daughter’s decision. Ishita Shukla, Daughter of Ravi Kishan, joined Indian army.

Agniveer Ishita Shukla, Ravi Kishan's daughter join Indian Army
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MP Ravi Kishan’s daughter Ishita became ‘Agniveer’, joined the Defence Force

You have heard recently Indian government launched Agniveer, during the time when people were very aggressive and unhappy to see changes in the Indian defence academy just because of short span of job’s life. Ishita’s father Ravi kishan became MP from Gorakhpur, UP. He is the man who have seen both side of life from gully boy to high profile MP’s life.

If you have remember the last parade done on 26th jan, 2023 on Republic Day, The seven girls were selected and Ishita was one of them. As her Father Ravi kishan shown happiness on that day too. And even today he express happiness and love towards success of her daughter.

Ravi Kishan has confirmed this achievement of his daughter on Twitter. Earlier, he had made a tweet on June 15 last year. In that tweet he written – Today morning her daughter spoken about she wants to join Indian army under Agneepath scheme.

Who Is Ishita Shukla ?

If I would have written in one sentence then it is like “She is brave girl of brave father, As father as daughter”. She is only 21 years old girl who have respect and love towards nation. She want to serve the nation by just not saying the words on loudspeaker as leader do. As father she also have guts to do something different in her life. and by joining the Indian defence she proved it.

She was born on 10th February. She studied in the Rajdhani college of DU ( Delhi University). Ishita has been a cadet in NCC. She was awarded with ADG Award of excellence of NCC in the year of 2022. She was given the best caret award by colonel Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.

Ishita Shukla seems very active on social media, specially on Instagram. She frequently add post and story in her profile. She also have interest in exploring new place and in adventurous tour. Ishita has a total of four sisters and brothers. One of them are Tanishka Shukla. Who is Ishita’s elder sister. Tanishka is a business manager and investor. And one sister Riva Shukla who is actress. she also have one brother named Shaksham Shukla.

Ishita Shukla Instagram ID: N/A

Tweet which shows the happiness and braveness

Now another tweet by Manjinder Singh Sirsa, He also congratulted Ravi Kishan on her daughter’s achievement.

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