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About US

Allegation corner founded by Software Engineer “Mr. Avinash Kumar“ in 2018 with the aim to bring meaningful and valuable content for our readers. Since we are working over the allegation corner we found many platform in the market for these kinds of content but we found some missing space over the market, so we have created “Allegation Corner” for reader who are passionate about the Bollywood gossip, web series, lifestyle, Make-up, Health and your inspiration stories.
When we have started “Allegation corner” in 2018 we are so much passionate to bring best content for you but as we were new in the market of publishing content and we were not equipped with such skills, so we are lagged behind but As for now we became one of the best content creator in the market and our readers are from all over the globe and they appreciated our work and that keep us motivated and we keep working and learning new things in the life.
Now a day come in the life, we found our identity over the internet and search console. What we love about the allegation corner is it’s special and unique name of the brand. When we have started we are covering topic and gossip of Bollywood but as content creator we thought we are just entering in the field of entertainment and our aim was something different so, we found our keyword and we have started working on our other niches like health tips, makeup, business, travel and your inspirational stories.

Why Allegation Corner ?

What makes us different in this competitive market, we are not too much popular for the content creation only. we are not media company only. We are working day and night to bring genuine content for our readers. Our local inspirational stories is the important node that makes allegation corner so special and that give you a better understanding of life.
We are much focused to bring your local inspiration stories on our platform that makes you inspired in your life. That will keep motivated and will add some values to your life. It is said that once you read good, you think good and you make good.

Mission and Values

Our Mission is as simple as you have taken birth on this beautiful place called Earth. We are always giving you better and the best content and will keep you connected in the terms of lifestyle, film, web series, travel tips and health tips. Our aim is to give you 360 degree of growth in the terms of our respected niches.

Editorial policies

Our editorial team is hijacked by experienced editors and resourceful writers and they were committed to their own responsibilities. Aim of all our editors to understand the curiosity of our readers and brings content accordingly in the domain of entertainment and for our respected niches.To know more about our editorial policies

Our Leadership Team

Where it all began | The Allegation Corner Story

Allegation Corner started with simple dream and commitment over the entertainment sector but as time passes our new categories gets added and we continues working over another categories and publishing our content to to draw a golden line over the internet to connect all different node of the categories.
Allegation corner started with Mr. Avinash Kumar who is the software developer and worked with many reputed organisation and with different client over the globe. He used their own expertise and build “Allegation corner”.

Meet Our CEO & Founder | Avinash Kumar

About US

Avinash Kumar

Allegation corner build on the prince of delivering regular and continuous content on respected categories. Avinash Kumar has successfully led Allegation corner to make it synonymous with far-reaching global content. Being software developer worked with many organisation, seen up and down fall of the organisation. He learnt a lots and build many tech organisation. Under Avinash’s agile leadership, Allegation corner has grown seamlessly, with a website reach of over million and a social media following of over lakhs across all platforms.

Meet Our CCO | Alpana Sinha

Alpana Sinha

We can’t think of allegation corner without Alpana Sinha who is our CCO ( Chief Compliance Officer ). Alpana Sinha’s vision has helped the company adopt the most forward-thinking processes. She is currently serving her position as CCO and she also look into financial structure of the company.

About US

Our Policies

Privacy Policy  Above all allegation corner ensure the safety and privacy of our users. We do not collect any sensitive data or personal information of the reader or user.  Read more

Advertising Policy  This is ensure that we could have many advertisement partner but you can distinguish between our regular content and ads content in the form of banner, poster and it may be in other format.  We follow the transparent policy for our users. Read more

Terms of Use We may work with different Advertising partners for product and services to support financially to the company. Read More

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